Military Spending

Spending on the military varies greatly from country to country and because, in part, of concerns about national security, acquiring information about just what is spend in each country is very difficult. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute studies this topic and tracks it, publishing an international yearbook with statistics on the same. It has done this since 1969, making the 2010 edition of its yearbook the 41st edition.

The United States ranks at the top of the list of military spending by nation, as it has for decades. In 2009 the United States’ military spending represented 43% of world military spending. The United States’ share of world military spending has consistently been above 40% since the SIPRI Yearbook has been published.

Geographic reference: World
Year: 2009
Market size: $1.531 Trillion
Source: “The Top 10 Military Spenders, 2009,” SIPRI Yearbook 2010, Armaments, Disarmament and International Security, Page 11, available online here.
Original Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute


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