Fish and Fishery Product Exports

Exports of fish and fishery products have grown quickly in the last decade, as has all production of fish and fishery products, whether through capture (fishing) or aquaculture (cultivation). Leading fish and fishery product exporters in the world are, in order, China, Norway, Thailand, Denmark, Vietnam, and the United States. Together, the exports of these six countries in 2008 accounted for 36.5% of all exports.

Geographic reference: World
Year: 1998 and 2008
Market size: $51.45 and $101.98 Billion respectively.
Source: “Table 11 — Top Ten Exporters and Importers of Fish and Fishery Products,” page 52, The State of Fisheries & Aquaculture 2010, available online here.
Original Source: United Nations, Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), Fisheries and Aquaculture Department.


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